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Contact me at or 847.419.0123 MicroSurgical Technology Osher Malyugin Ring Manipulator MAL-0003 Please inquire if you would like more pictures or information. 2016-03-26 Dr. Boris Malyugin demonstrates the advantages of the second generation Malyugin Ring. Made from 5.0 polypropylene and implanted through 2.0mm incision, the ring is more flexible and stronger, yet gentle on the iris. The ring creates perfectly round pupils approximately 6mm in size.

Malyugin ring

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In 2015, I worked with MST to improve the Malyugin Ring injector. The Osher modification to the Malyugin Ring injector allowed for easier insertion and removal of the device. The classic Malyugin Ring design allowed for insertion through a 2.2 mm incision. The Malyugin ring has proven to be effective in achieving sufficient mydriasis and, at the same time, stabilizing the iris tissue in cases of intraoperative floppy iris syndrome. The ring provides Osher/ Malyugin Manipulator 2.0 There are several instruments that a surgeon might consider using when inserting and removing the Malyugin Ring.

The curved end allows to slide the CTR along the equator of the bag. This CTR is more specially indicated for severe or traumatic zonular dehiscence or dialysis with pupil abnormalities when Iris Retractors and other CTRs cannot achieve capsular stability.

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The Malyugin Ring 2.0 features more space in between the anterior and posterior scrolls providing easier engagement and disengagement from the iris. More flexible. The Malyugin Ring System produced by MST (MicroSurgical Technology, Redmond, Wash.) consists of a pre-sterilized single-use holder containing the ring and inserter.

Malyugin ring

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Malyugin ring

The Malyugin Ring System produced by MST consists of a presterilized single-use holder containing the ring and injector. The hook of the injection device is used to catch the proximal loops of the Malyugin ring and retract it inside the tube as well as expel it from the injector. Surgical Technique with the Malyugin Ring Jason Jones, MD demonstrates the enhanced aspects of the next generation Malyugin Ring 2.0.Learn more about Malyugin Ring 2.0 on A Malyugin ring is a device used to expand a small pupil during cataract surgery. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works The Malyugin ring (MicroSurgical Technology) was developed as a safe alternative to traditional pupil-expansion approaches.

Malyugin ring

Malyugin Rings are provided sterile, six to a package and are labeled for single use. The Malyugin Ring System produced by MST (MicroSurgical Technology, Redmond, Wash.) consists of a pre-sterilized single-use holder containing the ring and inserter.
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James Lewis MD. In this IFIS case, Dr. Lewis enlarges the iris with a Malyugin ring and injects trypan blue under viscoelastic to aid in capsulorhexis formation and approximation of the capsular bag rim. 2020-11-12 · The various techniques to expand pupil size appear to be safe and equally effective in improving VA with a similar rate of complications except for a greater rate of iris tears with Malyugin ring. The Malyugin Ring was designed by Boris Malyugin (Professor of Ophthalmology, Deputy Director General at the S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery State Institution, Moscow, Russia) to address the problems associated with some pupil expanders, such as potential overstretching of the iris sphincter or extended surgery time (1). Malyugin ring, 49% distortion, suggesting that the circular ring caused less trauma to the iris. Doheny Eye Institute, California, USA 79-year-old white woman referred for bilateral nuclear cataract removal with no significant medical history LEFT EYE: (Surgery performed 1 month after the right eye), I-Ring (BVI) used, no intra-operative Conclusion: To date, this is the largest reported case-series comparing Malyugin rings and iris hooks with other pupil expansion techniques.

don't completly retract the ring into the inserter when removing it as funny things happen 3. if it is likely you will need to convert to ECCE than use hooks for small pupil cases rather than the malyugin ring. 4.
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Woman Face Before Plastic Surgery Operation - Getty Images

Essier Pul Margin Place. - New Smaller Gauge Material. Description: 6.25mm MST Malyugin Ring.

Microsurgical Technology Malyugin Ring System - Studylib

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Web Price. TMJ105 Injector For Iris Retractor (Malyugin Ring… 5 Malyugin Ring Boris Malyugin Despite the different treatments available to expand the iris during cataract extraction, performing surgery on an eye with a small pupil remains technically challenging. Complications that can occur during small pupil phacoemulsification surgery include iris damage and bleeding, iris prolapse through the paracentesis or the main wound, anterior capsule damage 2020-11-12 The use of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices and mechanical pupil dilators has already been described in literature, and as such the Malyugin Ring is a familiar mainstay in ophthalmic surgeries. Composed of a flexible polypropylene polymer, the device is foldable, disposable and easy to implant, requiring no additional cut aside from the standard 2-mm incision. Malyugin Ring and Trypan Blue in Small Pupil.

Our Malyugin Ring Injector manufactured in Europe using high-quality surgical grade Titanium.